Eliot Linton


Mock Frog (comics) - Three-panel gag strip webcomics. No theme, though often about animals. I try to make the jokes clear, visual, and original. I wrote, drew, painted, Photoshopped each comic. Here are some popular ones:

Trump Browses The Internet (4:08) - An animated video that makes fun of the way Donald Trump uses Twitter—set entirely inside his computer screen. (Created/set before the election.)

I wrote, animated, voiced, and edited every element. Mainly of interest because the animation style is distinct. Narrating within a computer screen has been done a few times (Modern Family, Unfriended), but what's unique about mine is that I exaggerate/distort the computer visual elements rather than just using them straight. (And the story unfolds more through "action" than dialogue.)

Bad TED Talk (2:30) - Sketch I wrote for Princeton late-night talkshow All-Nighter. Exaggeration of lame TED Talk jargon.

That's What She Said (1:10) - Quick sketch I wrote for Playdate, a sketch group I co-founded at Princeton.

Vegan Farm (Script only) - Sketch for Triangle Club. Going down the rabbit hole with some effete vegan farmers.

Beethoven (Script only) - Sketch for Triangle Club. Two douchebags heckling Beethoven at the premiere of "Moonlight Sonata."

Edge Of The Universe (Script only) - Sketch for Triangle Club; written within the context of a larger revue about outer space. A man tries to answer the age-old philosophical question of what would happen if you threw a spear off the edge of the universe.